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About LA-BEK

Welcome to LA-BEK – a passion project born from the creative minds of Laura and Rebekah, two seasoned designers with a shared journey spanning over seven years. In a world where our focus has always been on crafting brands for others, LA-BEK emerges as our cherished side project, a labor of love dedicated to a product we adore – semi-cured nails.

As busy moms, our lives are a whirlwind of responsibilities, leaving little time for self-indulgence. Nails, a testament to our creativity, often took a backseat in the midst of our bustling routines. That’s when the idea of LA-BEK started to take shape – a brand that not only understands the challenges of modern, multitasking women but also celebrates the beauty of strong, healthy nails.

Rebekah stumbled upon semi-cured nails and instantly found the solution to her often time consuming salon experinces. The constant cycle of salon visits, breaks between treatments, and the inevitable damage upon removal were all too familiar. With semi-cured nails, she experienced the joy of long, resilient nails that clicked confidently across her keyboard – a transformation that fueled a passion for a new venture.

For Laura, the traditional nail salon experience was less than appealing. The overwhelming smells, time constraints, and the inevitable chipping of regular polish created barriers to achieving the manicured look she desired. Discovering semi-cured nails proved to be a game-changer, adding fun and elegance without the fuss of traditional options.

LA-BEK, for us, is not just a product; it’s a journey of self-discovery, a celebration of every woman’s right to feel beautiful without compromise. Our semi-cured nails not only offer a rainbow of color choices but also contribute to the health of your natural nails – making them stronger and encouraging growth.

As we curate LA-BEK, we find immense joy in sharing this experience with you. Our next exciting steps involve crafting a custom collection, a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and creativity. Watch this space as LA-BEK evolves, and we can’t wait to see the vibrant stories and photos you share wearing our product.

Here’s to celebrating beauty, strength, and the unspoken power of well-manicured nails.

With love,

Laura & Rebekah
Founders, LA-BEK